Cycling in the Rain

We awoke to the sound of helicopters hovering overhead, which could only mean one thing: the Commonwealth Games Road Race was on!

We didn't make it outside in time to see the women's race (doh) but we walked down to the corner of Byres Road and University to see the men do a few of their twelve laps around the city.

When the leaders went by us, there was actually a Canadian in second place--trailing the leader from the Isle of Man, but well ahead of the pack--and I yelled "Go Canada!" as he was cheered along by the crowd. Unfortunately, when we checked back a few laps later he'd lost his position.

In a few my photos the sun was shining but don't be deceived: the riders were slogging through downpours for most of the race.

We went back out to catch the leaders go by on the final lap. Here they are in the order they finished (Wales, New Zealand, England).